Production Components

"I will never give up technical solutions in favor of useless aestheticisms which, in some cases, are even dangerous."
-Claudio Rizzo-

Tubolari Componenti Produzione Gommorizzo

All the tubes belonging to our inflatable boats are made using only the best materials on the market. They are produced by hand through our Italian craftsmanship, using cold gluing and professional Hypalon Neoprene ORCA fabric.

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Carena Componenti Produzione Gommorizzo

Some important choices that distinguish us, in terms of design, certainly concern our project behind the exclusive GOMMORIZZO HULL, one of a kind, which is produced in Italy. Ergonomics and versatility of the counterprint.

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Consolle Componenti Produzione Gommorizzo

Our fiberglass console is available in 5 sizes. Gommorizzo driving consoles are multifunctional, customizable, sturdy, allowing driving in an ergonomic position, which is comfortable both standing and sitting.

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Serbatoio Inox Componenti Produzione Gommorizzo

Our tanks are an Italian craftsmanship signature, made of stainless steel, CE approved, realized to an exclusive Gommorizzo project. At any given time, all our tanks can be easily removed for maintenance work and checks.

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Plancetta con Scaletta Componenti Produzione Gommorizzo

The swim platform with ladder is available in both Recreational and Diving (work) versions. All our platforms with ladders are made in Italy, and it is possible to customize them on request.

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Rollbar Componenti Produzione Gommorizzo

Our rollbar is a Gommorizzo distinctive sign that is recognizable even from a distance, realized in Italy and made of stainless steel on an exclusive Gommorizzo design. View all details.

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Supporto Motore Ausiliario Componenti Produzione Gommorizzo

The supports for the auxiliary engines are made in Italy on an exclusive Gommorizzo design and are mounted on the right side of the transom. For those who want to have an additional engine, it’s possible to install an auxiliary engine support.

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Teli di Copertura Componenti Produzione Gommorizzo

Our cover sheets are made in Italy using professional materials only. Our covers: cover with professional fabric, summer cover with professional fabric, console cover and seat cover in different sizes.

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Tendalino Parasole Componenti Produzione Gommorizzo

In order to have a complete and equipped R.I.B.s, our on-board sun awning is an essential safety tool preventing excessive sun exposure during the summer. Discover the awnings used on Gommorizzo R.I.B.s.

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Componenti Produzione Gommorizzo
Cuscineria Componenti Produzione Gommorizzo

Our standard pudding comes in white and is possibly customizable in colors and finishes, all this is authentic and made in Italy using the best durable raw materials to always ensure maximum comfort.

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Componenti Produzione Gommorizzo