Adventure Club Gommorizzo

The History

Our club was born in 1980 thanks to many Italian sea lovers and inflatable boat enthusiasts.

The Club's operations were divided into two different contexts:

  • Actions of assistance and support during nautical events, initiatives in the Civil Protection sector and in emergency situations.
  • Organization and implementation of various "Raids" of a mixed nature: maritime, oceanic and river of national dimensions and an International Raid every year
  • The Adventure Club Gommorizzo, under the presidency of Claudio Rizzo, has carried out important National and International Motorboat Raids which, in addition to the competitive-sporting aspect, also had the purpose of experimentation and testing of materials and fittings.
    Dozens of group holidays have been carried out in order to bring together more people with the same passion.

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The Adventure Club, in its activity for assistance and safety at sea, has provided selected equipment during the following events:

Gommorizzo participated in regional & national exercises promoted by the Civil Protection of the A.N.A. nautical sector Livorno 3 / Livorno 4 / Livorno 5; Assistance to the most important sailing events and regattas including: F1 World Championship, F20 and F40 Championship, Garda’s Ten Miles, the wind surfing 1000 km, the World Junior Water Ski Race, the First national SURVIVAL race; Assistance to the Principality of Monaco; Exercise and assistance by the National Lagoon Association with the patronage of the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Brescia; Assistance to the Ermenegildo Zegna Cup Regatta in Portofino.


In the 90s Claudio Rizzo built the first and only ecological R.I.B.s

boasting a transparent bottom, powered by an ecological engine, an electric motor with a solar panel for environmental protection which was used at a demonstration along “Cronos”, in Rome, against the pollution of the Tevere River; Gommorizzo sponsored the Oscar-winning film “Mediterraneo”.

Claudio Rizzo invented the "Salvavita" Gommorizzo Jacket: it allows you to float fully dressed being weighed down by a bag or various equipment. It was tested in the Genoa-London Motorboat Raid in 1995, subsequently in the Triste-Sibenik-Trieste Raid in 1996 and in the Baltic Winter Raid in 1997.

In 2000 we took part in a catamaran project meant both for ocean navigation and military purposes collaborating with a San Francisco based Italian engineer, in the State of California.

Gommorizzo acted as spokesperson for the "MADE IN ITALY" through the Motorboat Raids carried out by the Gommorizzo Adventure Club, also performing, at times, the duties of ambassador for the future twinning of the towns taking part in the events that embraced international countries too.

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Adventure Club Gommorizzo International Motorboat Raid

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The Gommorizzo Adventure Club has carried out important National and International Motorboat Raids which, in addition to the competitive-sporting aspect, also had the purpose of experimentation and testing of materials and fittings. Dozens of organized group holidays have been carried out in order to bring together a growing number of people with the same passion. For example: “Rapallo-Islands” “Rapallo-Malta” “Rapallo-Corsica-Sardinia” “Ancona-Croatia” etc. In addition, several demonstrations with disabled children on the Milan location “Il Naviglio” and the consequent commemorative plaque handed over to us by the Mayor of Milan. In total 18 editions of the Raidhave succeeded: Pavia-Venice with the patronage of Venice Magistrate of Inland Waters and that of the Lombardy Region with and consequent delivery of a recognition plate. The various International Raids were sponsored by companies such as: Philips, Q8, Roloil, Mercury, Syneco, Oil Company, Baruffaldi, Slam, Musto and many others, which over time have supported our company’s fair play and professionalism. All the events, led by Claudio Rizzo, were supported by various Italian and foreign regions whose representatives were, among athers: the President of the Lombardy Region, the Mayor of Milan, the Mayor of Genoa, the Mayor of Imperia, the Mayor of Lavagna, that belonging to the Liguria Region, the Bogliasco group association, that, on each occasion, were delivering plaques of recognition and awards then followed by pennants, which were handed over to the mayor of the foreign city involved in the Raid route.

Here are some Raids organized by the Adventure Club Gommorizzo in Italy:

  • Year 1985 - Genoa - London - 1000 miles
    Navigation from Genoa to Marseille by sea and then ... Rivers and Canals in France, the English Channel, the River Thames .... then London. With n. 4 rubber 4.50 m and 25 Hp engines. 9 participants, 17 days of navigation.
  • Year 1986 - Venice - Istanbul - 2200 miles
    Navigation in the waters of the former Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece up to Istanbul, lasting 12 days. With n. 4 Gommorizzo 5.70 m, 75 Hp engines, 13 participants.
  • Year 1987 - Genoa - Casablanca - 1660 miles.
    Genoa, France, Spain, Ocean, Tangier ... Casablanca. 1 Gommorizzo 500 and 2 Gommorizzo 570 with 75-90 Hp, 9 participants, 18 days of navigation.
  • Year 1988 - La Spezia - Corsica - Sardinia - Winter - 900 miles
    5 Gommorizzo 570, 90 hp engines, 18 participants, 6 days of navigation
  • 1989 - Montecarlo - Palermo - Venice - 2300 miles
    12 days: circumnavigation of Italy, passing through Palermo. Gommorizzo inflatable boats: 3 670 with 135 Hp, 9 participants.
  • Year 1990 - Montecarlo - San Francisco (Balearic Islands) - 1800 miles
    Crossing of the “Golfo del Leone” - Navigation with 3 Gommorizzo 670 and 135 Hp - 9 participants, 8 days of navigation.
  • Year 1991 - Raid of the Fjords in the Baltic Sea - 1000 miles
    Germany / Denmark / Norway under the snow with 2 Gommorizzo 670 and 1 570. With 135hp and 90 hp engines, 9 participants, 8 days of navigation.
  • Year 1992 - Genoa - Palos - Colombia in 1992 - 1400 miles
    Crossing the Straits of Gibraltar and ocean navigation, 3 Gommorizzo 670s, 135 hp engines, 9 participants, 5 days of navigation.
  • Year 1995 - Genoa - London
    After 10 years! With 1 Gomorizzo 490, 1 Gommorizzo 570 and 1 model 670
  • Year 1996 - Trieste - Sibenik - Trieste - Christmas
    Peace Raid - 3 crews with 3 models 670
  • Year 1997 - Baltic winter raid
    Shallow water and lots of fog! With model 670 and the new model 750
  • Year 1998 - Danube in winter - December
    Vienna / Budapest 16 ° C below zero. With Gommorizzo 750 and 200 Hp engines.