The Gommorizzo R.I.B.s

"While all my competitors are scrambling to produce more and more boats, I have always pursued the logic of the inflatable boat as such."
-Claudio Rizzo-

The Gommorizzo R.I.B.s

Gommorizzo has always pursued the logic of the R.I.B.s, maintaining its real nature:

The Gommorizzo R.I.B.s is the only one resulting from thousands of hours of navigation during important International Motorboat Raids of the Gommorizzo Adventure Club captained to experiment with the hull and the different outfitting solutions.

The Gommorizzo hull has a particular internal structure made entirely in fiberglass which gives strength to every point, while maintaining a lightness that distinguishes its high performance using very low engines in any weather and sea conditions.

Our tubulars are handcrafted in professional hypalon neoprene fabric, using the highest quality materials and have 5 or 6 separate and independent air chambers, making the boat unsinkable.

Thanks to the special structure of our hull, the Gommorizzo R.I.B.s are the most stable inflatable boats because they keep a large section of the tubular in the water thus this construction choice maximizes stability both in navigation, even when stationary.

having conceived the side console, our Gommorizzo R.I.B.s guarantee maximum living space on board for all the crew, also giving the possibility to navigate standing up in case of rough seas.

The water lines, the unique design, the stern hydrodynamic drains and the lightness of our hull guarantee excellent hydrodynamic performance with very low engines and above all LOW FUEL CONSUMPTION.

All our boats are born in the open version, with a "full space" floor and modular, customizable set-ups, according to needs and effectiveness.

Gommorizzo has always stood out for its bright colors: red, orange and yellow, in various shades, being the ones that most reflect the sunlight thus granting durability over time, as well as preventing it from increasing its temperature under the summer sun and allowing it to be clearly visible in the sea even at long distances. The philosophy behind our building methodes and technical innovations is conceived so that any novelty can be mounted on previous models in order to achieve a product that loses as little value as possible over time and keeps always updated. Our historic family-run company guarantees a 360 ° long-lasting after-sales assistance.

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