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All the tubes belonging to our inflatable boats are made using only the best materials on the market. They are produced by hand through our Italian craftsmanship, using cold gluing and professional Hypalon Neoprene ORCA fabric. This rubberized fabric material guarantees reduced thermal expansion, ease of customization and coating, durability over time and the chance of any type of fixing in case of accidental damage. The fabric includes about 46 different colors and variants with the option of selecting the setting. Our tubulars can also easily withstand heavy weights and stresses of various kinds, such as impacts and abrasions. Gommorizzo boats tubolars are mounted on the hull at a given position and height such as to guarantee great stability when stationary and great support at sea during navigation.

We offer the maximum customization available to reinforce, embellish and make your tubular fittings unique and special using: rubber handles, rubber reinforcement strap, colored fabric strips, rubberized fabric handrails, fabric handles, perimeter bottons, bow for anchor protection, awning oarlock, cleats, rings, flag holders, rope pass, etc.

The latest concept, our Orca rubberized Neoprene Hypalon fabric, features 3 layers of material:

  • The Fabric: an internal net that gives structure and maximum resistance
  • Neoprene: allows maximum adhesion to perform any type of bonding, for a perfect air seal
  • Hypalon: a compact material available in various colors, to withstand the sea, salt, ultraviolet rays, both high and very low temperatures and abrasions too. It guarantees an excellent response to stressful daily impacts that the boat may undergo.
The qualities of this incredible world-famous material are:
  • Perfect air tightness
  • Very high resistance to mechanical, chemical and atmospheric agents
  • Reliability, non-deformability and durability over time
  • Flexibility and processing ductility
  • Easy maintenance, washing and maintenance in perfect conditions always