Sun Awning

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Sun Awning

The awnings used on Gommorizzo inflatable boats can be of the removable type in aluminum or fixed with a stainless steel structure.

In order to have a complete and equipped R.I.B.s, our on-board sun awning is an essential safety tool preventing excessive sun exposure during the summer. Some of the awnings used on Gommorizzo R.I.B.s, made of aluminum or fixed with a stainless-steel structure, can be removed.

Our sun awing’s common features are: an adequate height and sturdiness.

Two pairs of oarlocks can be installed on the tubular where the awning can be fixed both on bow and stern sides. As far as the fixed awning is concerned, it’s a structure made of stainless steel tubulars that is as wide as the walking surface covering the console from the stern up to the front; normally it’s mounted on the Gommorizzo 700 and 750 models.