Consolle Gommorizzo
The Console

Our fiberglass console is available in 5 sizes.

Gommorizzo driving consoles are multifunctional, customizable, sturdy, allowing driving in an ergonomic position, which is comfortable both standing and sitting.

The small Gommorizzo console
It’s a small console that is mounted on the Gommorizzo 400 and Gommorizzo 450 inflatable boats. It allows the housing of steering wheel, wheelhouse, stainless steel handrail, fire extinguisher holder, object holder, switch panel, battery switch, navigation instruments, engine remote control, 50-liter fuel tank.
Measurements: 42cm wide x 39cm deep x 76cm high.

The Gommorizzo Raid Console
The Gommorizzo Raid Console has the unique feature of allowing the installation of VHF radios, mobile phones and various types of instruments that are perfectly visible and, above all, protected from splashes and jets of water thanks to the upper closure in transparent polycarbonate. It’s available in four sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE AND MAXI. The size of the console is chosen according to the capacity of the selected fuel tank for installation. All RAID Consoles are designed to house the following tools: a steering wheel, a wheelhouse, a stainless-steel handrail fire extinguisher, a storage net, navigation instruments, engine instrumentation, a switch panel, a battery switch, a single lever remote control, upper closing in polycarbonate, front closing bulkhead of the tank compartment.

  • Small RAID console for fuel tanks from 60 to 75 liters - (46 cm x 46 cm 89 cm)
  • Consolle Medium RAID console for a 100-liter tank
  • Large RAID console for a 140-liter tank - (55 cm x 63 cm x 92 cm)
  • Maxi RAID console for a 200-liter tank - (85 cm x 65 cm x 98 cm)