Hull In Fiberglass

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Hull In Fiberglass

The walking surface of the Gommorizzo hull is customizable, that is to say: it’s possible to choose the size of the peaks and forms, and it’s designed to have large internal spaces and adapt to any use.

Some important choices that distinguish us, in terms of design, certainly concern our project behind the exclusive GOMMORIZZO HULL, one of a kind, which is produced in Italy.

For a versatile and mobile product such as our inflatable boat, lightness represents a considerable advantage. With this in mind Gommorizzo has designed a trapezoidal shaped fiberglass spider with a constant geometry between the shell and deck, instead of using heavy wooden backstays. The realization of this artifact is certainly more expensive, but it achieves the result of reducing unnecessary weights and making it very robust, practically indestructible. The adoption of this particular hull guarantees low energy consumption, therefore low fuel consumption. Our hulls are designed and built to be: robust, light, stable, hydrodynamic, ergonomic and versatile.

The uniqueness of our Gommorizzo hull is evident both for the aft hydrodynamic exhausts, which determine a very high hydrodynamic efficiency, and for the differentiated and diversified "star shape" of the forward part of the hull compared to the barycentric and aft part. This unusual design has been studied in order to obtain high yields from low engines and a notable navigation comfort, with a particularly pronounced bow ready to overcome rough sea conditions. The most important thing is that the high hydrodynamic efficiency of these new hulls allows the engines not to be subjected to mechanical stress, resulting in safer navigation.